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Artist: The Foreign Exchange
Song: If She Breaks Your Heart (feat. Yahzarah)
Album: Leave It All Behind
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The Foreign Exchange - If She Breaks Your Heart

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Mac Mall - My Opinion

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Kanye West feat. Talib Kweli and Common - Get Em High

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Lupe Fiasco - Paris, Tokyo

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Kanye West - I Wonder

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Commitments for this year

Fuck a New Years resolution.  These are things I’m actually DOING this year.

Fitness goals:

-Start Insanity again next week after I come back from Vegas
-After I move to SF in two weeks, start doing Insanity in the morning and lift weights in the evening.  I’ll also start planning out my meals a lot better so I’m getting the protein and calories I need every day so that I get bigger while still losing fat.

Millionaire Fastlane goals:

-Finish my educating myself on licensing, prototyping, and market research strategies in two weeks
-In three weeks I’ll create my weekly tasks for the next couple months so that I can reach my goal of getting my idea licensed by at least one company by May.
-If my idea isn’t licensed by July, I want to have talked to at least 20 companies by then.

Landmark goals:

-Take the first Communication course (Access to Power) by April, second Communication course (Power to Create) by July, and the Team Building, Management, and Leadership course by October.

Somethings that I’m going to start/continue doing that I can’t really make benchmark dates for:

-Keep being a man for others and not letting other people’s opinions of me stop me from doing that.  I admit, I’ve been slipping up on this lately, but I’m going to let it all go and continue moving forward.
-Continue to live moment to moment intending to fulfill the possibilities that I have created for myself.
-Continue to go out on a weekly basis and live an adventurous life, moment to moment.
-Continue seeing everyone as perfect.

Other people laugh.  Other people roll their eyes.  Other people tell me I can’t do it.  But other people don’t take risks.  Other people don’t live their dreams. Other people are broke.  Other people will never be more than what people expect.  They’re just static, nothing worth listening to.

2012 is the year.  I’m going to do it.  Just watch.

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J-Boog - Every Little Thing

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Life is good!

Had an awesome week.  Started my new job as a law clerk up in Millbrae and liking it there so far.  I mean, free lunch every day and gas paid just to file papers and answer phones?  Really can’t complain!  My mom called me last night to tell me that one of her coworkers has a place in SF that is bigger and cheaper than where I’m staying at right now, plus it’s only 10 minutes away from work.  So I’m 95% sure I’m moving to SF, I just have to check out the place this week to make sure I’m cool with the place.

Went to my friend’s practice session for Landmark.  The session was on Commitment and it was really eye-opening. Here are some things that I listed that I was committed to at the session:

-I’m committed to following through with my business idea
-I’m committed to gaining muscle and being fit
-I’m committed to living an adventurous life

I learned that there’s a difference between commitment and desire. The things that we are committed to are the things we take steps toward on a regular basis.  But if we aren’t in action trying to fulfill what we say we are committed to, then all we are doing is stating our desires.  Before finals I was committed to the things I listed.  I was actively taking steps toward moving my idea forward every single week.  I also went to the gym every morning with my friend Alex.  I was also committed to living an adventurous life by going out every chance I got and having fun.

But ever since things at school got more intense during dead week and finals, I put all of my commitments on hold so that I could fulfill another one of my commitments which was to graduate.  Now that I’m officially done with school, I still haven’t gotten back into the groove of things and I’ve been making a lot of excuses.  For example, I was planning to get a Gold’s Gym membership so that I can go back to working out, but I’ve been putting it off because I keep telling myself I’m too tired after work to go get it and kept telling myself to just get it in the weekend.  But at the Commitment session, I stopped making excuses and just told myself to go get it.  And I DID :)

I also realized at the session that I’ve been playing it safe lately.  The Landmark Forum and the Excellence: In the Zone seminar series helped me to expand my boundaries by taking risks and just letting everything go.  Because of it I’ve been able to be more active and productive with my life.  But lately I’ve been hiding behind my new way of being and using it as an excuse to not keep pushing myself.  So I’m going to stop being a pussy and start taking risks again.  Problem solved!

On an end note, I just wanted to express how thankful I am to God for everything this year.  Thanks for guiding me.  My relationships with the people in my family are much better.  I’m a lot happier.  I’m a lot more focused and productive.  And I finally graduated.  Really grateful and looking forward to the next stage of my life.

Another step forward.

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You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.

— Oprah Winfrey

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Jay-Z (ft. Swizz Beatz) - On to the Next One

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